Saturday night, date night.

So I met this guy 2 weeks ago on a dating website and we went on a date Saturday night. I met him in Elk Grove CA and we went to Starbucks, an art thingy, to a park and then to the drive ins. We had been drinking so naturally he wouldn’ let me drive for an hour to get home unless I was sober, so we went to Denny’s and then he took me back to my car in Elk Grove (I was sober) and he followed me home and then stayed the night AND came to church with me in the morning.

I spent 19 hours with him on our very first date and I regret none of it. However, he’s going into the Navy. And he’s leaving in a week for bootcamp. 😥 out of that week I might get 2 more dates…. And then he’s gone.

I finally find the guy that I think is right for me and he’s leaving..